Aids in Africa

In the 80’s the first AIDS patients were diagnosed. Soon it was discovered that the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome was caused by a virus called HIV

With the immune system destroyed by the HIV infection, these patients lost their ability to fight other infectious diseases and ultimately died.

In Africa, HIV/AIDS spreads among men and women alike through sexual contact. There are many reasons why AIDS is affecting African people so strongly. Certain aspects of African sexual practices contribute to the spread of HIV/AIDS in the heterosexual population.

For example:

  • some Africans have regular sex with more than one person
  • men are often away from home for long periods of time and prostitutes provide for their sexual needs
  • many are still ignorant about the disease and the need for safe sex
  • in poor areas sex is often used as a payment for services, goods or food
  • rape is a serious problem in many African societies and so on.

Initially ARVs, Anti-Retroviral drugs, were too expensive for Africa so only a minority of infected people were able to obtain them. Millions of diseased people did not receive any treatment at all. Death was their certain fate.

In recent years the price, of ARVs has come down and as a rule, institutions and governments now provide ARVs for free. However, the majority of patients still receive no treatment (2015). With an assumed death rate of 1.1 million per year and 1.5 million new infections per year, the AIDS epidemic is still taking and affecting many lives in Africa.

Despite the increasing use of ARVs, many millions more AIDS deaths are predicted in sub-Saharan Africa in the years to come. Therapy resistance is an increasing problem. Many HIV-positive-born children are no longer responding to the ARVs they have taken since birth and are still to face an early death.

In 2001, Peter Chappell, an English homeopathic practitioner, followed a heartfelt desire to go to Africa to see what homeopathy could do for the millions of AIDS patients who received no treatment. After taking some 70 cases of AIDS-patients in Ethiopia, he collected all their AIDS-related symptoms and tried to find a homeopathic remedy that would match the disease. To his great disappointment such a remedy appeared not to be known in homeopathy. Peter then investigated the possibilities of making such a remedy himself.

In 2002, he found a way and created a remedy for HIV/AIDS that he later called PC1. To his great joy he found that all patients who took the remedy responded very well to it. Their energy levels and appetites quickly returned to normal and their pains and lung problems subsided. They could soon return to their jobs, take care of their children, in other words resume a normal, active life.

Since 2002, PC1 has been used in several African countries by visiting homeopathic doctors who work as volunteers in health clinics and also by many African doctors, nurses and community health workers that have been trained by ARHF.

Their reported results are very similar to those initially reported by Peter Chappell.

In several studies, the clinical observations were confirmed, namely that AIDS-patients taking PC1 recover from their AIDS-related symptoms rapidly and that the significant decrease of opportunistic infections indicates a restoration of their immune system, which is confirmed by rising CD4 counts.

ARHF has trained health professionals in many African countries. Please contact us for information on the best way to receive or prescribe PC1.


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