The ARHF is established in the Netherlands.

The board consists of Corrie Hiwat (Dipl. Hom), Ale Riedstra and Harry van der Zee (MD). Peter Chappell (Hon. FSHom.) is honorary president.

ARHF board members are volunteers and receive no remuneration or compensation for their services.

Peter Chappell

Honorary President

Peter Chappell is the person behind the breakthrough that resulted in the foundation of the ARHF. On this site, you can read more about the background of this new development, how he came to it and the results.

Peter was previously involved as the creative driving force in putting resonance healing in the form of homeopathy on the map in around fifteen countries where previously it did not exist.

His first book, Emotional Healing with Homeopathy came from some of these experiences. In 2000, after a hug from Amma, he discovered that his burning, overwhelming, heart-felt passion was to do something about HIV/AIDS in Africa. Following that inner call he moved to Africa, a step in his life that was successful beyond expectations. It resulted in a new source of single remedies/resonances that could be effectively applied to most infectious diseases. A new era of treatment was born.

About this advancement in treating epidemics Peter wrote The Second Simillimum (2005). Joining up with Harry van der Zee, ARHF evolved into a self-supporting organisation pioneering this work in Africa and beyond. Gradually Peter and Harry started introducing this new approach in the West by integrating an individualised approach with a disease-specific approach.

The work in Africa and the West is documented in the book Homeopathy for Diseases, a book on how to treat epidemics, trauma and chronic diseases (2012). In parallel with this, Peter started building an organisation to research and develop this work in the West for use in other fields like performance, and consciousness, as well as diseases which resulted in Source Medicine.

Harry van der Zee


Harry van der Zee, born in the Netherlands in 1953, is a doctor who has practised homeopathy since 1987. He is an international teacher and has presented seminars in many European countries as well as the USA, Canada, India, Africa and Japan.

From 1996-2018 he was editor-in-chief of Homœopathic Links, an international journal for classical homeopathy. He has investigated the importance of the birth experience in homeopathic case-taking and published two books on the subject: Miasms in Labour (2000) and Homeopathy for Birth Trauma (2007).

Through this work he has been able to meaningfully connect the homeopathic theory of miasms (hereditary archetypes connected to chronic diseases) with the individuation process, and thus provide a theoretical basis for understanding the role and purpose of individual and collective diseases in the process of human evolution.

Since 2004 Harry has been involved in projects in Africa to enhance the homeopathic treatment of AIDS and other epidemics and in 2007 he co-founded the ARHF. Regarding a new advancement in treating epidemics, he co-edited and published Peter Chappell’s book The Second Simillimum (2005), has written and published Amma4Africa Manual (2009), renewed and extended edition 2014), Amma4Trauma Manual (2013), ARHF Volunteers Manual (2014) as well as many articles.

Together with Peter Chappell he wrote Homeopathy for Diseases, a book on how to treat epidemics, trauma and chronic diseases by integrating an individualised approach with a disease-specific approach (2012). He has produced documentaries on treating AIDS, Malaria, Diabetes and Trauma due to war, genocide and rape (Africa) and natural catastrophe (Haiti). He has formed a team of researchers and designed a research protocol to further study the efficacy of PC1 for HIV/AIDS.

In June 2009 he organised the international conference Homeopathy for Developing Countries to further improve the success of homeopathy in developing countries. In 2010, together with Christopher Johannes, he published the anthology Homeopathy and Mental Health Care.

Harry has trained health professionals in many African countries that now independently treat epidemics, trauma and chronic diseases using the PC Resonances provided to them by ARHF.

Corrie Hiwat


Corrie Hiwat, born in the Netherlands in 1950, has been practising as a homeopathic therapist since 1987. She was initially trained as a nurse and a teacher in adult education. She has taught homeopathy in several countries and for many years was one of the teachers at the School of Homeopathy in the Netherlands where she taught various subjects such as Case Analysis, Theory and Methodology of homeopathy, Materia Medica, Jungian Psychology, and Attitude and Pitfalls of the professional caretaker.

Her interest in Peter Chappell’s work and the treatment of AIDS patients started when she, as the co-editor of Homoeopathic Links, witnessed in Malawi the impressive improvement of the patients treated with the PC remedies. She has co-edited The Second Simillimum (Peter Chappell 2005) and Homeopathy for Diseases (Chappell & van der Zee 2012).


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