How They Work

PC Resonances boost the immune system.

In conventional medicine, the basic idea is to reduce viruses, bacteria or parasites by attacking them with drugs to reduce their numbers so the immune system can do its work.

With this new technology, as in homeopathic medicine in general, we work in the opposite way by stimulating the immune system to strengthen its response by inducing an artificial disease, as homeopaths call it, which resonates with the patient’s disease.

Both these ideas work, but the effect of suppression through killing microbes in the long run can induce chronic diseases, therapy resistance and more virulent strains of the specific agent producing the disease.

If used with care, both approaches can also be used complementarily to good effect, as is our experience with the use of both ARVs and PC1 as a combined treatment in advanced stages of AIDS.

If more experience with more infectious diseases were available to sustain this observation, a sliding scale could be envisioned where, depending on the severity of a disease, the appropriate PC Resonance could be used alone or in combination with the indicated allopathic drug.

This could lead to a more fruitful cooperation between conventional and homeopathic medicine than that which is currently experienced and would ultimately be of much greater benefit to the patient.

In general, one could say that the more beneficial the effect of homeopathic treatment, the less the patient will need and depend on conventional medicine. Then by reducing these where possible, the organism has a better opportunity to respond to homeopathic treatment and regain control over its own health.

With PC Resonances there is no obvious mechanism for side effects and ARHF and its partners have not witnessed any in thousands of carefully monitored cases.


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