School Health Project

Health and Prosperity for Children in Africa

With the School Health Project, a sub-Saharan African school is offered a program called LEAP: Learning Enhancement Africa Program. School children get the following support through LEAP:

  • Protection from the consequences of infectious diseases such as like malaria
  • Relief from any forms of trauma they may have suffered such as orphan trauma, war trauma or shock
  • Enhancement of their learning skills such as improved concentration and memory

Why Infectious Diseases?

In Africa, many children suffer or even die from infectious diseases such as malaria, lower respiratory tract infections and diarrhoea. LEAP protects against the consequences of these and other infections.

Malaria is probably the most important disease in sub-Saharan Africa. The disease mainly causes casualties among young children.

  • Every minute a child dies of malaria!
  • Due to malaria absenteeism at school can be as high as 30%
  • As a consequence, children underperform and are denied further education

Why trauma?

A traumatised child misses out on the joy of being young and cannot concentrate at school.

Why Learning Skills?

With improved learning skills a child has a chance to be admitted at secondary school and continue further education from there.

How do we know LEAP works?

LEAP has been used in several African countries since 2014. The results were carefully researched in Kenya. In 16 participating schools full data were gathered about the year before and after the implementation of LEAP. The following was observed:

  • Absenteeism decreased with an impressive 65%
  • Schools that used to send several children to the hospital every day because of malaria, saw this was no longer needed
  • Behavioural problems and concentration in class improved
  • School results improved considerately, so many more children were admitted to secondary school.

One of the first schools that used LEAP is Marega Primary School. After a full year of using LEAP, absenteeism had reduced from an average of 11,8% to 0.2%, while mean school performance measured through state examinations had increased by 26%. After 4 years of using LEAP, Marega Primary moved up from a poorly performing school to become second best in all of Kenya!

We can make LEAP available to many more schools!

These data above show that LEAP is literally helping children to have a healthy and bright future. LEAP can easily be rolled out all over Africa. All that is needed for a school is a simple MP3 player and three USB-sticks, one for each step in the LEAP-protocol.

How does LEAP work?

LEAP is based on the principle of resonance as is being applied in homeopathy. Resonance can be used to protect against the consequences of infectious diseases and to relief trauma. LEAP is based on a new advance in which sound files are used as carrier to boost immunity. We apply LEAP especially in areas where malaria is endemic.

Case studies and years of clinical experience involving thousands of patients show that:

  • the symptoms of malaria subside and disappear
  • no side effects or therapy resistance has been observed
  • the number of hospitalisations for malaria drop impressively

Why do we ask for your help?

By providing LEAP to schools in malaria areas we can provide a healthy and bright future to children. The results with participating schools are so good that many other schools wish to join the project. We ask you to adopt a school. For only €120 our partners in Africa can:

  • Give a school a LEAP-machine and instruct teachers on how to use it
  • Collect data about absenteeism and mean school performance about the previous year as well as of the first full year of using LEAP

Because ARHF is a volunteer organization (nobody receives a salary), virtually the entire budget directly benefits projects in Africa.


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