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The ARHF wants to alleviate suffering and promote health and well-being.

Undesired side effects are an important disadvantage of pharmaceuticals but not the only one. There is a growing awareness that suppressing disease in the long run creates more serious diseases.

When the immune system overcomes a disease on its own, this results in a stronger and healthier individual. The use of chemical substances to kill micro-organisms blocks this evolutionary process. It results in weakened immunity in humans while the micro-organisms that survive antibiotics and antivirals become increasingly virulent and dangerous.

It is considered that healing by resonance is becoming increasingly important because it acknowledges and strengthens the potential for self-healing in the individual, and is based on understanding the role played by diseases in evolution.

The ARHF focuses on applying resonances for a wide range of conditions and on research into their efficacy. ARHF offers training and treatment in Africa and other, mainly rural, areas in the world to effectively treat epidemic diseases, inflicted trauma (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and chronic diseases.

Prescribing the PC Resonances used to treat these conditions requires little skill so they can be used to good effect by health professionals that have no basis in homeopathy.

The treatment of chronic diseases by resonance is another target of the ARHF. The same principal of one remedy that covers all the symptoms of a disease is used. The treatment of chronic diseases with PC Resonances requires more case-taking skills though. Past infectious diseases or trauma usually underlie a chronic disease and it is important that the therapist recognises these and treats for them.

ARHF recognises that there are spiritual, mental, emotional and physical dimensions to healing diseases and embraces a holistic perspective in these matters.


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